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   11:30 am Wednesdays in the
   college classroom
    (Women Opening the Word)
    9am Thursday mornings
    5-6pm  Thursdays in the
    Fellowship Hall
    (On Summer Break NOW)

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     James Malone was born and raised in Paris, TN.  He is a 2003 graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. In 2011, he completed his Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Mississippi State University.  He has worked previously as a Civil Engineer.

     While working as an engineer, James labored with the Forest Church of Christ (2010-2012) in Forest, MS, serving as the congregation's full-time minister.  He has also served as the associate minister at North Brandon Church of Christ (2013) in Brandon, MS.

     James and his wife Kimberly have been married since 2003 and have four children: Anderson (born July 2004), Tucker (born January 2008), Aubrey Claire (born June 2009) and Graham (born July 2013).

     The Malones began their work at Washington Avenue Church of Christ in December 2013 where he is currently serving as the pulpit minister.

We welcome
James & Kimberly Malone and family on Sunday, November 19th.
Mr. Malone will preach the morning and evening services.  Please join us!